Rinse, Wear, Repeat attends Mega Young Designers 2012 Finale Runway Show

Last night, I attended the Mega Young Designers Competition 2012 finale runway show.  I am often amazed by the detail and planning that goes into runway shows; the most beautiful collections are cohesive, visually stunning, and of course, tell a compelling story.

I was happy to attend as I’ve been a fan of this type of reality TV for a while; I’ve followed the US Project Runway since Season 1 and even discovered the joys of Project Runway Canada and The Fashion Show on Bravo. Christian Siriano and Rami Kashou, two of my favorite designers, are Project Runway alumni. Our very own local competition produced greats like Rajo Laurel, Michi Calica-Sotto and most recently, Russel Villafuerte, whose career I’ve followed since seeing him on the first season on Project Runway Philippines.

I will write more about the runway looks, but I also wanted to share my outfit for the evening. For many women who don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses to cocktail parties, a look like this forest green three-quarters length dress from Zara is a great option. The color is rich while remaining unobtrusive, which is perfect when one is going for a more understated look. A dress like this is perfect for those work events where you want to be a bit more covered up. Note the lined panels going down either side of the waist, expertly (and sneakily) cut to give any wearer an hourglass shape. The v-shaped neckline is especially flattering.

Jewel tones work great with luxe accessories, so I went for these stunning gold statement earrings. They are almost sculptural, and the small amber stones in the forest of gold twine really bring out the richness of the color. I added a matching gold bangle, nude wedges and a simple red lip to complete the look.


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July 28: A-Working, A-twirling

I knew it would be a very busy day at work today, so it was very important that I be as comfortable as possible.

The 5 Rules of Cubicle comfort: 

1. Legs must have room to stretch out, cross, flex, et cetera, as needed.
2. Arms must be able to stretch as wide as possible without revealing any belly
3. Should not have large, noisy, jewelry getting in the way of typing some Very Important Calculations
4. Footwear must support several trips to the pantry for giant coffee refills, subsequent bathroom breaks, and important meetings all over the office.
5. Must be snug and warm to avoid office-hypothermia from merciless air-conditioning.

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July 26: Berried Alive

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