Oldspiration: I put my old shoes on and suddenly everything’s right

When I was a toddler, my favorite shoes were a pair of gray Keds. I know this because I’m wearing them in most of my old photos from that age. When I saw this pair of blue-and-beige wedge espadrilles in a Greenhills tiangge a few months ago, I was immediately reminded of my sturdy old Keds. Like the Keds, the espadrilles cover about 60% of the foot and have a soft body. I’m a sucker for anything sentimental or nostalgic, so wearing these espadrilles is like taking a literal walk down memory lane. Keep Reading

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Wear Polka Dots

A second sunny day in a row! The gods must be smiling down on us after their raucous game of bowling the past few weeks.  Keep Reading

August 2: I Like Dresses and I Like Navy

Having previously belonged to my sister, this beige dress with diagonal stripes composed of tiny blue and gray flowers was pretty much relegated to a spot at the back of the closet until I dusted it off more than a decade later. With its neat, old-fashioned silhouette and Peter Pan collar, it really is more of a summery weekend dress. With some tweaking, though, I find it’s easily wearable to work as well.

Keep Reading