The 2012 Mega Young Designers Competition

I recently spoke to my friend, fashion designer Mia Syson, about her creative process, personal style, and design influences. Mia was a contestant on the 2010-2011 season of the prestigious Mega Young Designers Competition for up-and-coming fashion designers. While it is the longest-running fashion competition in the country, we have only recently seen the contest in television format. I’m a huge fan of some of the winners that the competition has produced, especially Aries Lagat and Russel Villafuerte, whose careers I’ve followed ever since they appeared on the Philippine version of Project Runway.

I was glad to hear from the people at Mega magazine that the contest is now airing its 2012 season on TV. I’m posting the ad with the show details to support the new designers. I love how they share a common cultural story, but with a thousand differing perspectives. All of this likely makes for a unique voice from each artist. As I observed from my morning with Mia, the creative process is something else to behold.