Tips and Tricks for Things: 2 Become 1 Part 2

Last week I wrote about turning the other half of a lost earring into a pendant. I thought this was a good idea to reapply to other lost odds and ends; I actually lost the other half to this earring four years ago when I was a freshman in college. Keep Reading

Tips and Tricks for Things: 2 Become 1

This pair of long, dangly Eiffel Tower earrings has been one of my favorites for the longest time, so I was quite upset when I lost the other half. Desperate to save it, I had the idea to turn the surviving earring into a pendant.  Keep Reading

Awesome People I Work With: Jen

This is Jen from Finance. I was so tickled at the sight of the tips of her hair, which are a strong, vibrant green. Not a sight to see at the office everyday, but it’s a great complement to her swingy energy and her super bright smile.  Keep Reading

Tips and Tricks for Things: Necklace Holder

The best and worst thing about shopping is that we are forever convinced that we need something: “I need the perfect pair of black pumps”, “I’ve really got to stock up on basics again”, “Tim Gunn says I need a trench coat!”. This is great when we’re celebrating a promotion or about to get a raise, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’ve probably already got what we need; it’s just lying around at the back of our closets gathering dust. They need to be brought to the surface.

I tried to test this theory on necklaces, my one addiction. I am forever looking for unique pieces to add to my modest collection, always believing that I only have a few (try twenty), wearing only the ones at the top of the pile, the rest lost in the cacophonous cavern of tangled chains, buried under socks and tights, or saved for a special occasion, then promptly misplaced.

Below, my simple two-step plan to curb my necklace-buying addiction and maximize what I already had in my closet

1. Determine your bottleneck.

Bottleneck: according to, “the place or stage in a process in which progress is impeded”. What’s keeping you from using everything you have multiple tmes? What is triggering the “I don’t have this yet, let’s go out and get it!” reflex in  your head?

For me, it was a lack of visibility. Out of sight, out of mind. When you only have five minutes to pick out a necklace at 6:30 in the morning, who would want to choose an accessory out of this mess?

Other bottlenecks you may experience: overdependence on a single type of item (i.e. thirty little black dresses), overabundance of trendy items which are hardly worn/used, stocking up on things that don’t fit your lifestyle (i.e. does your day job really entail wearing a different cocktail dress every day?).

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Awesome People I Work With: Cris, Sheila and Trina

Cris, Sheila and Trina are in Logistics, a function of Operations Management that handles a lot of figures and requires plenty of focus and concentration. Comfort is a huge priority for them, but that doesn’t mean that style is out of the question.

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