Behind the scenes at the shoot for Rinse, Wear, Repeat

Top left. Joseph and me at our senior prom five years ago. Right. The two of us in 2011. Bottom left. With the team. Make-up artist Karen Jean Santos, hair stylist Jay Wee, me, and Joseph Pascual.

Last November, I met up with photographer Joseph Pascual to shoot a collection of pictures to use for Rinse, Wear, Repeat . Joseph shoots full-time now, but he’s been taking photos for the longest time. Here is a photo of the two of us at our Senior Prom five years ago. I don’t think much has really changed.

Left. One of my favorites from the set. Top right. Joseph coaches me on my posing. Bottom right. A wide shot of the place.

We shot three layouts. The first location was at a small restaurant in Mandaluyong called The Frazzled Cook. The owners were kind enough to let us shoot early in the day, before the restaurant opened. I’ve been coming here for a while now; I always like tinkering with the little trinkets and odd things strewn playfully across the space. I asked Joseph to capture the busy, colorful feel of Rinse, Wear, Repeat, and to add an air of thoughtful nostalgia to the overall effect. I had fun with bright, colorful accessories like this hot pink Cambridge satchel, matching belt and jazzy bangles. I kept the rest of the outfit simple, with my favorite slim navy trousers and white blouse with a Peter Pan collar.

Left. A full-body shot. Right. Detail shots of the accessories. Bottom right. Karen and Jay work to create a sweet, romantic look.

We also shot outside, where the wind and sunlight were likely to give the photos an airy, sweet feel. Jay Wee, who did my hair, created this intricate updo with thick braids woven into rosettes, and Karen Jean Santos, who did make-up, kept the entire look very simple and clean. I had fun styling the simple peachy lace dress with contrasting aqua accessories. Joseph captured the dress’ movement and the small details in the accessories. I think I made myself dizzy with all the twirling.

Top left. The inspiration for this look. Bottom left. Close-up of the accessories. Right. A series of full-body shots from this collection.

It was Joseph’s idea to shoot outdoors in this small area in Greenhills. I picked out this beautiful cream dress with a long, flowing collar and a matching belt. I was inspired by this photo of two elegant ladies from the 40s, strolling along in their long dresses and jaunty hats. I envisioned the overall look to pay homage to the era without it looking like a costume, so I asked Karen to give me very full, deep berry red lips for a modern touch, while Jay softened the look by giving me neat-as-a-pin wavy hair. This dress is something I would wear to work, and so Joseph wanted to capture the contrast between the hard cityscape in the background and the soft, aged quality of the overall look.

Thanks to Joseph, Karen and Jay for all the time and effort to make this happen! I had a great time at the shoot, in front of the camera and behind the scenes as well.