Rinse, Wear, Repeat Meets Fashion Designer Mia Syson

I’ve been experimenting with different writing styles lately. I’m now working on a series of short features on interesting women who love style, filed under the “People and Friends I Still Can Recall” section. These people, a collection of bloggers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and artists have found major ways to integrate personal style into their daily lives, whether for expression, as a means of livelihood, or simply for inspiration. The second feature in this series, about my old friend and schoolmate Mia Syson, can be found below. Mia is an up-and-coming fashion designer, was a contestant in last year’s Mega Young Designers Competition, and has her own online store, Mia Zarah Couture. She was kind enough to let me visit her Marikina studio, where we talk over cookies and orange juice. 

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