4 Different Ways to Wear Your White V-neck

The single most worn item in my closet is my white v-neck t-shirt from Giordano. Work, casual Friday, weekend, and vacation looks are all achievable with a plain white tee. The trick is to use the appropriate accessories to dress it up or down as needed:

  • Work. I think many offices are now experimenting with more relaxed dress codes as long as employees still appear professional. I wore my white t-shirt under a vintage blazer and tucked into tailored navy pants. The long chain necklace also adds extra polish, while raspberry wedges add a pop of color.
  • Vacation. My favorite! I simply tucked the shirt into a simple pair of high-waisted navy shorts. I miss La Union already. I had actually worn that top with my navy pants earlier at work that day, then changed into the shorts before the flight.
  • Casual Friday. On casual Fridays, there’s no need to dress up a shirt with a blazer or cardigan. Still, I try to elevate the look around the neckline area with a statement necklace, like this tribal-inspired piece. Tucking into a structured a-line skirt with a paperbag waist takes the look up a notch, too.
  • Weekends. Meticulously choosing an outfit everyday can be exhausting. For times when I don’t really care to spend more than five minutes dressing up, I choose a simple mini I can move in, tuck my shirt in, and add pretty earrings.
After more than a year, this shirt has finally bade goodbye to being seen in polite company, having grown faded and tattered from many laundry cycles. I’m welcoming its fifth usage occasion: as a beloved pambahay. Now there’s an investment that was well worth it.

Tip: Viewing all my July outfits, I clearly noted my obsession with tucking shirts in. Doing so immediately defines the waistline, adding shape and polishing your outfit’s overall effect.

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