Oldspiration: 3 things dressing for high school taught me about dressing for life

This morning, I realized that the outfit I was putting together uncannily resembled my high school uniform. I don’t think this is that surprising–in fact, upon further reflection, whatever I needed to learn about fashion/style, I learned in high school.

  1. Having a uniform isn’t so bad at all. In high school, I lived in my white blouse, navy skirt, and black flats. Five years later, I virtually still live in my white blouse, navy skirt, and black flats. No white socks, though.
  2. Simple is better. Our teachers used to tell us, “Simplicity is beauty! Simplicity is beauty!”. I think that’s a truthful statement if there ever was one. When choosing outfits, I try not to over-accessorize, and I usually go for clean lines, like the ones you can find in A-line skirts or wraparound dresses.
  3. Skirts should be a proper length. Thank goodness my skirts don’t need to be seven inches below the knee anymore! Still, I think that rule is a good reminder to keep skirt length (for day wear) at slightly above the knee.

It’s been a little more than five years since I graduated from High School, but so many fond memories remain as clear as water out of the school fountain. To name just a few, I remember singing my heart out at drama guild practice, cramming for Chinese quizzes, giggling with girlfriends as we headed up the stairs to class, and desperately attempting to conquer my fear of volleyball. I’ve previously written about being inspired by memories from my toddler years, so why should high school be left out of the fun?

This simple white blouse, purchased for Php250 from a Greenhills tiangge stall, instantly reminded me of the upper half of my old high school uniform. Something about the simple tiny buttons and the Peter Pan collar really called it to mind. My favorite element is the tiniest hint of fluttering in the sleeves; the movement reminded me of strolling in the open area of our school during recess on a breezy day. I paired this with my favorite navy a-line skirt, which is a lot like a shorter version of my uniform’s bottom half.

I also wanted my shoes and accessories to be girly and sweet, which is how most girls are at fifteen or sixteen. Delicate peacock earrings in an oyster-pink shade, a gently rounded heart-shaped belt, and tan low-heeled sandals finish the look.

What are some of your favorite high school memories?

Today’s outfit:

  • Blouse and belt: Greenhills tiangge
  • Skirt: Plains & Prints
  • Shoes: Celine
  • Earrings: Yhansy

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