Two Looks, One Outfit: Blazer of Glory

Today I specifically needed an outfit that would look polished at the office, and relaxed enough for dinner with a friend. For situations like these, I like to build the entire outfit around a single office-worthy garment that can be removed after work to blend in with a more casual environment. In this case, this no-nonsense navy jacket with a fitted, tailored silhouette and sleek lapels anchors an otherwise casual ensemble for a solid day at the office. After work, I simply took off the blazer and showed off a more grown-up take on a jeans-and-t-shirt combination; as is usually the case, accessories, hair and make-up are key. Because the blazer serves as a structured anchor to the overall look, it’s possible to have fun with the rest of the pieces, like this old white v-neck and soft, stretchy gray pants. I added a bit more polish with some textured pieces like this oversized violet ring, matching patent pumps, and this statement necklace made with tiny rows of silver chain. I especially love how the necklace moves, almost like a liquid wall of metal. These accessories help the clothes walk the fine line between being too serious and too casual.

To soften the blazer’s semi-boxy shape, I finished the look with slightly wavy hair. One coat of pink lipstick brightens the face and adds just a little bit of color to the navy-white-gray palette.

Tip: I really suggest working with contrasts. If your central piece is structured, accessories and layers can be soft and romantic. If your main color palette is muted, add a pop of color through make-up or a statement accessory.

Pants: Bench 
V-neck: Giordano 
Blazer: On sale, Celine 
Pumps: Mango
Ring: a bazaar 
Necklace: The Ramp 


2 thoughts on “Two Looks, One Outfit: Blazer of Glory

  1. i love the whole outfit! 🙂 simple and comfy but dressy and sexy at the same time. hahaha im not sure if that even made sense :p keep it up wyatt! 🙂 btw, im now using our utensil box as my make-up organizer. thanks for the tip!

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