Rinse, Wear and Repeat with Pride: Basic Black Blazer

I previously wrote about my favorite navy skirt and how it has become one of my wardrobe’s defining pieces. I’m obsessed with the blouse-tucked-into-skirt combo because it requires so little time yet looks like a lot of thought went into piecing the outfit together.

Similarly, one of my favorite “recipes” is the blazer+dress pair-up, which is a gift that keeps on giving. A plain black blazer like this one can be worn with slacks, jeans, skirts, tights, the works, but I especially love how it immediately sharpens a floaty daytime dress, making it work-appropriate. Taking the blazer off can also make you instantly ready for a night out with friends.

I wanted to invest in a blazer that wouldn’t look dated years from now, so I opted for a more modern cut sans shoulder pads, long, thin lapels, and a satiny texture. Another modern feature is that the sleeves have been made to allow easy roll-ups to halfway between the elbow and wrist; this really helps me to create the illusion of slimmer upper arms.

The blazer+dress combo is a really hardworking outfit, so usually I just opt for fun shoes and minimal accessories. I only noticed just now that when I wear the blazer I usually pin my hair in a quick updo, to show off the sleek lapels.


One thought on “Rinse, Wear and Repeat with Pride: Basic Black Blazer

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