Rinse, Wear and Repeat With Pride: My Prized Navy A-Line Skirt

Given my obsession with skirts, it’s easy to guess that my closet is teeming with them. Actually, I only have a few key pieces in classic shapes that I rinse, wear and repeat with pride. One alternative to the beloved black pencil skirt is an A-line shape in a basic but more unexpected color, like navy.

I consider this deep blue skirt from Plains & Prints to be one of the most wearable, versatile and comfortable garments in my closet. The navy color is easy on the eyes and is less severe than black; at the same time, it’s just as easy to pair with virtually any color or texture, for either full-on corporate looks (look 1) or more casual ensembles (look 2, look 3, or look 4).

I usually like to pair the skirt with other basic pieces in classic shapes, like the ubiquitous button-down or three-quarters length sweater in blue, black, white or gray. I then opt for pops of bright colors from accessories, like a cheery pink belt, a matching headband, or cute raspberry wedges. I sometimes go for standout accessories, like my golden fruit (see my Golden Apple and Pineapple from look 2). The one common element in all these looks is the addition of a belt to really define the waist, taking advantage of the skirt’s poofy A-line shape.

A skirt of this shape and length also shows off whatever pair of shoes you’re wearing, and also works well with either flats or heels. The garment works well with either cool (silvers, pinks, blues) colors or warm ones (browns, golds, jewel tones), so it can be paired with almost any type of shoe, like espadrilles, flats, wedges, or t-straps.

Skirts with A-line shapes usually have beautiful movement and catch the wind gently, sometimes showing off a natural twirl as you walk.

Tip: Investing in a basic piece that will match most things in your closet will save you time and space in the mornings. Additionally it can highlight pretty accessories and also define your office style.

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