Oldspiration: I put my old shoes on and suddenly everything’s right

When I was a toddler, my favorite shoes were a pair of gray Keds. I know this because I’m wearing them in most of my old photos from that age. When I saw this pair of blue-and-beige wedge espadrilles in a Greenhills tiangge a few months ago, I was immediately reminded of my sturdy old Keds. Like the Keds, the espadrilles cover about 60% of the foot and have a soft body. I’m a sucker for anything sentimental or nostalgic, so wearing these espadrilles is like taking a literal walk down memory lane.

I’ve actually worn these quite often since I bought them. For work, these espadrilles are a great alternative to sneakers on Casual Friday. I sometimes wear them to dress down a cute dress or a-line skirt, lend a playful dimension to a t-shirt and shorts combination, and even once to add some oomph to cropped pants!

They are surprisingly comfortable and versatile, but what really makes me smile is how much they remind me of my old shoes. I like to think that our personal styles go way back to tastes and preferences that manifested at an age where we couldn’t yet be fully aware of them. I wonder if the outfits I’ll wear in twenty years will echo the ones I wear today, if my shoes will resemble these espadrilles, or else an old, worn, and beloved pair of Keds.

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