Tips and Tricks for Things: 2 Become 1 Part 2

Last week I wrote about turning the other half of a lost earring into a pendant. I thought this was a good idea to reapply to other lost odds and ends; I actually lost the other half to this earring four years ago when I was a freshman in college. I just couldn’t throw the remaining earring away because I thought the charm was too cute—the gingerbread man reminded me of Gingy, my favorite character from the Shrek franchise.

If you know anyone who’s adept at minor jewelry repair, it’s a good idea to ask for their help to salvage the charm from a cute earring. The addition of a chain and subsequent repair set me back around an extra Php100.

Now my earring-turned-pendant has a new life with a better view, too! Thanks again to Ms. Charley, my go-to person for help with these odds and ends.

Ms. Charley

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