Tips and Tricks for Things: 2 Become 1

This pair of long, dangly Eiffel Tower earrings has been one of my favorites for the longest time, so I was quite upset when I lost the other half. Desperate to save it, I had the idea to turn the surviving earring into a pendant.  Thankfully, Ms. Charley, my friend from our office, is quite a hand with jewelry and knew just what to do. I was very particular about preserving the length of the earring, turning it into a y-shaped pendant. This type of necklace is elegant and really elevates any simple outfit.

Tip: The other halves of lost earrings can easily be turned into pretty pendants. The trick is to reimagine it in its new state of being!

Ms. Charley makes beautiful pieces of jewelry, too. You can reach her at 0918-9039688 or

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