Not a Little Princess

Sara Crewe, from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess, was one of my favorite literary heroines from my early grade school years. Like most of the young students at Miss Minchin’s boarding school, I admired Sara and her saintly character, but most of the time I could relate more to Becky, the unsure, shy young servant girl who became her best friend later on. I was such a fan that I even followed the cartoon series that played on the local channels every afternoon; afterwards I would play Princess and pretend that I also went to a boarding school and had friends with unfamiliar names like “Ermengarde” and “Lavinia”.

I was thinking of Sara and Becky and their time as young maids living in a dingy attic when I put this outfit together. Their uniforms (pictured above) were imagined to be mostly all-black or gray, with a frilly bright apron and simple black shoes.

I wanted only to draw inspiration from this look, not copy it (i.e. look like an old-fashioned tween maid). I thought this versatile, tulle-like ivory skirt mimicked the white accents on their uniforms quite nicely. In this case I imagined it as the focal point against an all-black canvas composed of this plain v-neck shirt and opaque tights and finished with these nude platform wedges.

I imagine that Sara and Becky sometimes wore simple headgear, like a wrap or even a makeshift turban to keep hair out of their faces as they worked, so I added a bejeweled headband of my own to polish the simple look.

Skirt: Read about how it came to be, and my ideas for different ways to wear it
Headband: Forever 21
Shirt: HnM
Tights: SM Department Store
Wedges: Primadonna from SM Manila

Picture Credit: Books Should be Free and Book Lovers’ Lounge 

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