Hemming Way

When projects or endeavors fail, it’s only natural to start thinking about whether its potential is enough reason to fuel more money into the investment or if calling it quits is just the right thing to do. Relationships with clothes are no different. Below are two dresses that are very similar in silhouette and vibe.

They were impulse purchases, only for me to discover (to my chagrin) that they were both several inches too short to be worn in polite company. I wasn’t ready to let go of them, so I simply purchased 1/2 yards of matching fabric and asked a seamstress to add 2.5 inches to the hemline.

Cost breakdown: 

  • Php 40 each for 1/2 yard (minimum) of cloth for a total of Php 80.
  • Php 35 each, seamstress’ fee for a total of Php 70.

Total setback: Php 150. 

I was initially a little dubious about paying a total of Php75 per dress to save the garments, but I chalked it up to an additional investment to ensure the longevity of the outfits. I call it “salvage-opportunity cost value”.

“Salvage-opportunity cost value”: defined as the value at which an object may be salvaged, instead of which the object would have been rendered unusable and therefore an opportunity cost.

Since then, I’ve worn both dresses countless times, so I think the investment was a worthy one. Cheers!

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