Wear Different Ways: Skirt-ing the issue

At the time of its last sighting on this blog, this skirt had just been reborn from its previous identity of a dress that had seen better days. In its renaissance period, the skirt is now one of those rare versatile pieces that can take you from weekday to weekend. Below are my ideas on wearing the same skirt 9 different ways for 3 different occasions. 

Office attire does call for a more conservative feel, but that doesn’t have to mean that black and beige are the only options.

Look 1. I paired this skirt with a shiny black blazer and platform ankle-strap nude wedges for some alpha-woman height. I wanted the black blazer to contrast strongly against the frothy colors in the skirt, tank, and shoes and really give the look some weight. A simple long, playful necklace completes the look.

Look 2. In a departure from Look 1, this time I wanted to play up the contrast between a blazer’s strong and structured silhouette with its dreamy watercolor-inspired print and silky texture. I liked how the jacket’s buttery feel interacted with the skirt’s gauzy fabric. Strong heels anchor the look; this brown pair has gold accents that match the hints of gold in the skirt as well as in the necklace.

Look 3. I put this look together when I was feeling a bit adventurous. I liked the idea of pairing the lacy texture of the skirt with the silky smoothness of the blouse. The tan belt cinches in the waist, and the same heels from Look 2 complete the outfit.

Casual Fridays call for less formal but no less put-together looks.

Look 4. I liked the idea of interplay between the prim/feminine (skirt) versus the grungy/masculine via this gray sweatshirt. I’d like to think the result is still composed but considerably more relaxed. To avoid going overboard on the grunge, I kept the rest of the outfit as feminine as possible via the necklace and shoes, which also add a pop of juicy color to the otherwise matte ensemble.

Look 5. The off-white skirt has gold overtones, so I wanted to bring that out by wearing matching accessories in the form of these two long necklaces in the shape of a pineapple and apple. The golden apple necklace never fails to put a smile on my face; I always think of the Apple of Discord from Greek mythology (does this mean I’m the fairest?). I kept the rest of the outfit monochromatic and complementary. Light-colored nude wedges, a light sepia-toned cardigan, and a woodsy-brown tank top complete the look.

Look 6. Similar to Look 4, I’m also wearing a gray sweater, but this time more fitted and feminine. I fell in love with the hot-air balloon design (reminds me of the movie Up), and I also liked the extra texture via the black sequins on the heart, to which I matched the black-and-white bracelet. Other accents, like the ring, earrings, and pumps, dose the outfit with a dash of purple.

Look 7. I wanted this look to be all about the skirt, so I wore this with a simple black three-quarter-length shirt, opaque black tights, and nude wedge pumps. I call this my Sara Crewe look, because I was a bit inspired by her character from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess.

I still like to dress up for the weekends, opting for light-as-air looks, or fun, punchy ensembles.

Look 8. I fell in love with this dress the minute I saw it at a tiangge at Robinson’s Galleria, but it is a little short. To fix that, I layered the same skirt under it, thereby giving the dress more shape and letting about 1.5 inches of lace peek charmingly out. Taupe sandals finish the look.

Look 9. This 80s-inspired look is characterized by bright colors and unabashedly over-the-top accessories. I paired the purple tank with three belts in orange, pink and blue. Gold flats anchor the outfit, but I couldn’t resist adding a matching gold leopard-print bangle too.

Look 1
Blazer: Giordano Ladies Outlet, Hong Kong
Ankle-strap nude wedges: Primadonna, SM Manila
Blush tank: SM Hypermart fashion section
Long necklace: Trilogy Boutique, Makati

Look 2
Blazer: Vintage, from my mother’s closet
Brown gladiator platform heels: People are People
Brown tank: SM Hypermart fashion section
Necklace: Accesorize

Look 3
Top: Bysi
Belt: Rico Salandanan at from the Landmark Department Store
Brown gladiator platform heels: People are People

Look 4
Sweater: Topshop
Necklace: Accesorize
Purple wedges: Charles and Keith

Look 5
Cardigan: Zara
Tank: SM Hypermart fashion section
Necklaces: Accessorize
Ankle-strap nude wedges: Primadonna, SM Manila

Look 6
Sweater: Dorothy Perkins, Buy 1 Take 1
Earrings: a gift
Ring: Night market, Hong Kong
Pumps: Mango, on sale
Bangle: a gift

Look 7
Black shirt: HnM, Hong Kong
Tights: SM North Edsa Department Store
Ankle-strap nude wedges: Primadonna, SM Manila
Headband: Forever 21

Look 8
Dress: Tiangge at 50th Avenue, Robinson’s Galleria
Taupe sandals: Rusty Lopez

Look 9
Tank: used to be my sister’s, now it’s mine mine mine!
Belts: Rico Salandanan at the Landmark Department Store
Bangle: The Ramp, part of a set
Gold flats: Zara, sale

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