August 12: Garden State

I like wearing things and pieces that remind me of my Happy Places so that I carry a little piece of it with me all day. Today my happy place is a beautiful garden filled with flowers like giant peonies and huge, happy pansies. There would be a large round white table in the middle, it would be about 10:30 am and I would be having a very noisy brunch with my rambling, loving family while my nephews and nieces roll around in the grass.

To embody this happy place, I chose to keep the look as airy as possible with clean, crisp pieces. I love this light blue button-down with this really modern shape. I tucked it into this cropped pair of pants, which is actually the gray version of this pair I wore last Friday.

I picked romantic accessories according to theme instead of color. To go with the light pastels I wanted floral, romantic, and sweet pieces like this beautiful spherical necklace made of tiny flowers, this bracelet of faux pearl, chain and crepe, a tan heart-shaped belt, and finally, these pretty floral flats.

Pants: Esprit Outlet, Hong Kong
Belt, button down: Greenhills Tiangge
Flats: Zara
Bracelet: The Ramp
Necklace: Trilogy Boutique, along Rada Street in Makati


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