August 11: I love cardigans and I also love the band

I love my cardigans. If I could choose only one add-on to an outfit to use for the rest of my life, the cardigan would probably be it.A great cardigan somehow both dresses an outfit up and down, allows a pretty dress to be wearable to the office, and serviceably wards off office air-conditioning.

Instead of wearing it loose, I chose to button it up and layer it over a plain white v-neck, which I tucked into this navy flared vintage skirt.  This used to be part of a skirt-and-suit jacket set from the eighties, previously belonging to my Mom. It’s great how this individual piece is still very wearable with zero alteration.

For a slight pop of color I added this satiny pink headband, and this dainty rose and gold necklace to match. Instead of matching the necklace to my shoes by color, I coordinated in terms of the floral theme by adding these pretty yellow daffodil print flats.

Skirt: from my Mom
Flats: Zara
Cardigan: Arrow
Plain White Shirt: Giordano
Headband: SM Department Store
Necklace: Accessorize


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