August 9: If I wear any more blue I can join the Blue Man Group

This dress has been the object of my affection for quite a while. It’s possibly my favorite thing in my wardrobe. Something about it, whether it’s the sheer yoke with the dotted pattern, the cheery baby blue, or the ladylike silhouette, really appeals to my personal sense of style. Along with a simple gray cardigan, this cute pair of purple kitten heels with a transparent upper strap automatically dresses up the look while elongating the legs. I matched the dots on the dress to the purple dots on the shoes.

In keeping with the dainty, feminine theme, I finished with these oyster-pink peacock earrings with loose, wavy hair styled to one shoulder.

Update: Read more about my take on different ways to wear this blue dress.

Dress: Plains&Prints
Cardigan: Zara
Kitten Heels: Ross Dress for Less, in L.A.
Peacock Earrings: Yhansy

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