Weekends: August 6, 2011

This Saturday was extremely busy as I was scheduled to run around the city, getting my laptop repaired, grocery shopping, and finally, stopping by a children’s party. All these activities meant that I needed to be 100% comfortable and free to move about.

To go with my simple navy t-shirt, I chose this cute pair of shorts that I got for about Php300 in a Greenhills tiangge. The taupe color makes it easy to pair with most things in my closet, and I especially like the paperbag waist, which is very flattering and makes the waistline shrink by leaps and bounds.

Because the look is already quite sporty, I chose light, feminine accessories for contrast, like this dainty textured bracelet of fabric, faux pearl, and gold chain. The shorts actually came with a cute heart-shaped belt in a deeper brown, with a white running stitch outline. I also added my funny Buckingham Palace guards necklace, which popped against my plain t-shirt. To soften the look even more, I added a soft, warm brown cardigan to really highlight the shades of blue in the outfit.

I finished with my current favorite pair of shoes, this pair of true blue espadrille wedges. You can tie the laces however you want—I really like to wrap them around my ankles for a girly, yet casual finish.

Shorts and shoes: Greenhills Tiangge
Shirt: Bench 
Necklace: Yhansy 
Bracelet: The Ramp
Cardigan: Zara


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