If You’re Happy and You Know It, Wear Polka Dots

A second sunny day in a row! The gods must be smiling down on us after their raucous game of bowling the past few weeks. I decided to wear my lucky raspberry wedges again for the following reasons:

  1. For no reason, I’ve decided that wearing them incites sunny weather.
  2. I’m obsessed with this pair of shoes and just plain want to wear them over and over again.

For a pair of shoes with such a unique color, they are surprisingly versatile. Today I paired them with this sky blue polka-dotted skirt and plain gray three-quarters length shirt. The light, airy color palette of the garments deserves similarly toned accessories, like this pendant made of pastel crystals and faux pearls, and a pair of pink, gold and off-white crystal earrings.

The muted color palette of the rest of the outfit really makes the vibrant raspberry color pop. I can’t get enough.

Skirt: SM Department Store, Girls Teens Section
Wedges: Charles and Keith
Pendant, earrings: a present
Shirt: Zara


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