August 1: Work It

As I always say, Mondays require a little bit more effort to pick just the right outfit because it’s so difficult to get out of bed. This morning was so cloudy and rainy that I might have traded all the skirts in my wardrobe for another five minutes in bed. No can do, though, as work is always a-calling.

Because I wanted to be all business, I chose this chocolate brown skirt with a pencil silhouette. The texture is interesting, like a cross between faux leather and suede. I wanted to play on the creamy, luxurious tones you can find in deep browns, caramels and taupes. To bring out the colors’ depth I chose this deep blue-violet camisole and layered it under this coffee-colored cardigan. To pull it all together and give some definition in the waist, I chose this wide, flesh faux snakeskin belt, which anchored the look together.

I finished with minimal accessories, adding only my unobtrusive bee pendant and a simple pair of beige pumps for a low-key office look.

Pumps: A Bazaar
Skirt and Cardigan: Zara sale
Tank Top: The Ramp
Pendant: A present


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