Hemming Way

When projects or endeavors fail, it’s only natural to start thinking about whether its potential is enough reason to fuel more money into the investment or if calling it quits is just the right thing to do. Relationships with clothes are no different. Below are two dresses that are very similar in silhouette and vibe.

They were impulse purchases, only for me to discover (to my chagrin) that they were both several inches too short to be worn in polite company. Keep reading

Wear Different Ways: Skirt-ing the issue

At the time of its last sighting on this blog, this skirt had just been reborn from its previous identity of a dress that had seen better days. In its renaissance period, the skirt is now one of those rare versatile pieces that can take you from weekday to weekend. Below are my ideas on wearing the same skirt 9 different ways for 3 different occasions.  Keep Reading

August 9: If I wear any more blue I can join the Blue Man Group

This dress has been the object of my affection for quite a while. It’s possibly my favorite thing in my wardrobe. Something about it, whether it’s the sheer yoke with the dotted pattern, the cheery baby blue, or the ladylike silhouette, really appeals to my personal sense of style.  Keep Reading

August 8: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle


I found this beautiful purple and teal skirt on the clearance racks of Iora in Singapore. The pattern is stunning; I really like how the dots appear deconstructed, almost like the intense, pigmented spots paintbrushes make when you use very little water on the brush. Keep Reading