July 22: Who says rose has to be old

One thing I love about Casual Fridays is that v-neck shirts can be acceptable provided they are dressed up enough to still look office-appropriate. Keep Reading

July 21: Who Doesn’t Want to be Carrie Bradshaw?

Today I was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City and her first day in Paris, where she was breathlessly chasing a life with The Russian while trying in vain to forget about Big. Keep Reading

Awesome People I Work With: Jen

This is Jen from Finance. I was so tickled at the sight of the tips of her hair, which are a strong, vibrant green. Not a sight to see at the office everyday, but it’s a great complement to her swingy energy and her super bright smile.  Keep Reading

Vacation Leave: La Union Day 2, Part 2

After a long day of surfing, Fren and I just wanted to loll around the hotel’s perfectly manicured garden. It is overlooked by the imposing Santorini-themed rooms and villas, and the property itself overlooks the private boardwalk and offers a view of the ocean. I loved sitting on the grass and watching the waves, which are extraordinarily strong here in La Union. Fren and I found ourselves not really wanting to do anything, really, but sit and chat about family, friends, and things we want in life. Sunset and the ocean seem to have that effect on you.

Keep Reading

Vacation Leave: La Union Day 1

After some challenging weeks at work, my friend Fren and I are finally taking the trip that we had booked several months before! We are spending four days and three nights at Poro Point, La Union, for some lazy sunny days, surfing, and lounging by the pool doing nothing.  Keep Reading