Tips and Tricks for Things: Trinket Tray

Continuing my series on using affordable kitchen/home products to organize accessories and cosmetics to maximize your wardrobe and shopping needs, here’s one idea on how to attractively display small trinkets and rings without having to purchase an overpriced jewelry box or tray.

This beautiful jewelry box from Modcloth (buy here for $31.99), for example, is too gorgeous for words–but it will also burn a gorgeous hole in your pocket. 

I used to put all my little trinkets in a pretty box that boasted much depth (equals more storage space). The problem is, I didn’t like having to take five minutes to fish out the right ring or find the other earring at the bottom of a pile.

I found these pretty trays in the shape of a leaf at the home department of Landmark department store for only 35 pesos each. I like how the leaf design is texturally unique, but still simple enough to really highlight the accessories, and shallow enough to avoid a jewelry pile-up. I bought two so that my rings and other small trinkets (like pendants or cloth bracelets) could have room to breathe. Now it’s like having a little shop set up in my closet; the pieces are at once visible and accessible, so I never think to myself that I need more than I already have.

Tip: If you have fewer necklaces or trinkets, little sauce-holders, miniature bowls, small plates, or egg cups also work really well and can all be found in a department store. If you have a lot, try buying a hodgepodge of these little containers and displaying them together to create your own personal jewelry boutique.

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