People and Friends I Still Can Recall: Anne

At the restaurant opening I attended last weekend, I ran into my good friend Anne Lagamayo, a fresh graduate from UP and a Palanca-winning fictionist. Anne has traveled around Europe and speaks Italian and French, and once won a scholarship by entering herself, her grandmother, and a giant Siberian husky in a costume contest as Red Riding Hood, Grandma, and the Wolf (in that order). Anne is one of the coolest people I know.

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Weekends: July 30, 2011

This weekend, I attended the opening of Moshi Moshi along Katipunan, right across from my alma mater. A modern Japanese fast food joint, Moshi Moshi is the baby of my good friend Jessica, whom I’ve known since we were nine years old, and it was great to see her and my old schoolmates again.

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