July 28: A-Working, A-twirling

I knew it would be a very busy day at work today, so it was very important that I be as comfortable as possible.

The 5 Rules of Cubicle comfort: 

1. Legs must have room to stretch out, cross, flex, et cetera, as needed.
2. Arms must be able to stretch as wide as possible without revealing any belly
3. Should not have large, noisy, jewelry getting in the way of typing some Very Important Calculations
4. Footwear must support several trips to the pantry for giant coffee refills, subsequent bathroom breaks, and important meetings all over the office.
5. Must be snug and warm to avoid office-hypothermia from merciless air-conditioning.

Today’s outfit, composed of the most basic wardrobe staples and a couple of fun accessories, was as simple and as no-nonsense as my work needed to be. I paired this navy A-line skirt with a simple gray three-quarters length shirt, and simple gray flats. I decided for pops of pink color to be seen via my fuchsia elephant bangle from India, bright Barbie-pink belt, and satiny rose headband. Both bright and soft pinks really pop against the subtle canvas of gray and navy.

I also opted for these pearly-pink peacock earrings, a new purchase from Yhansy. The earrings appear fan-shaped, but are reveal themselves to be peacocks upon closer inspection. I liked how they are visible even through long, flowing hair, without being garishly obvious.

I couldn’t stop myself from twirling just a little bit. As you can see, I’ve also discovered the shutter speed settings on my four-year-old point and shoot.

Three cheers for comfort at the cubicle!

Top and Flats: Zara
Skirt: Plains&Prints
Headband: SM Department Store
Earrings: Yhansy
Belt: Rico Salandanan at The Landmark
Bangle: purchased during a trip to India

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