July 26: Berried Alive

I’m a little bit cold-blooded in the sense that my mood is often changes depending on the environment. So, with news of an impending storm, I decided to arm myself against sad, Death Cab for Cutie-level angsty weather and wear something that would put me in a good mood.  This floaty strawberry-print A-line skirt against an indigo background does the trick. Purchased at the Zara sale for Php795 (a sweet deal, down from Php1990!), the skirt moves well, is airy and cheerful, with its long row of blue and gold round buttons marching down the front. I paired this with my basic black HnM three-quarters length v-neck, gold flats, and my golden apple and pineapple necklaces from Accessorize. To complete the fruit medley, I finished with these bright blue apple earrings from Yhansy, to match the blue on my skirt.

No sad songs or cloudy mood for me!

Skirt: Zara, on sale
Shirt: HnM
Earrings: Yhansy
Flats: Zara
Necklaces: Acessorize

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