July 25: Flowers, Birds and Bees Oh My!

If I were to chart the days of the week I’ve work this dress in the two years I’ve owned it, I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that I’ve worn this most on Mondays. It’s business at the top, with its muted gold tones, and a party at the bottom, with an explosion of aqua, cornflower, and gold flowers forming the pattern on the skirt. Moreover, I’ve always loved how the dress’ neckline drapes flatteringly across the shoulders, creating a little dip near the collarbone.

To match the black outline of the flowers as well as the back of the dress, which is entirely black, I tied a long strip of cloth into a bow at the slimmest part of the waist. This creates a bit more shape, and the black in the belt also matches my simple black pumps, a subtle counterpoint to the crazy print on the dress.

A wispy, romantic updo and matching gold accessories complete the look. These adorable owl earrings, purchased just this weekend from Yhansy at the Shangri-la mall, had blue and gold eyes that perfectly matched the flowers on the dress. To round out the inadvertently “natural” theme, I also wore my bee pendant. Birds, bees, and flowers oh my!

Dress: Celine
Pumps: A bazaar
Earrings: Yhansy
Pendant: a present

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