Weekend: July 23, 2011

Since weekends are rare (only two out of seven days a week!), by the time Saturday rolls around I am usually raring to break out my favorite bright minis, flat/open-toed sandals, and crazy giant jewelry. Since today was rainy, however, all I wanted to do was be comfortable and have a nice (warm) time at the movies.

This striped skirt in varying shades of blue (and some bright red-orange, like a vivid sunset) from Plains&Prints is really special. When I see it peeking out of my closet, with its hodgepodge of ocean blue, cerulean, and even textured, mottled blue, I instantly think of the colors of the sea at twilight, just before it gets too dark to see. The textured slate blue knit waistband is my favorite part of the skirt.

A simple white v-neck t-shirt ensures that the look remains fuss-free. Since I was thinking of the ocean I decided to add this beautiful pair of dangly aqua earrings. A simple bangle and old, comfortable gray flats finish the weekend-at-the-movies look.

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