July 20: Blair Wear

I’ve been a fan of the shirt-dress ever since I saw it on Leighton Meester via Red Carpet Fashion Awards way back in August 2010. It’s truly a wardrobe staple and looks great in a variety of cuts and colors. Last February 2011, on vacation in Hong Kong with my family, I finally snagged a very similar one from HnM (Leighton’s is from Theory).

Many traditional shirt dresses are overlong and too boxy. It seems that the more current versions of this dress are more fitted, and feature a rounded hem, which makes it look more like an actual men’s shirt that is usually tucked in. Worn wrong, however, it’s easy to appear like you forgot your pants.

My version can’t be worn without leggings or tights for that reason. Below are a couple of ideas to make the shirt-dress work-appropriate.

Today was a low-key day at work so I decided to wear the shirt-dress over a pair of leggings and accessorize only with a complementary navy blue belt with a bow detail, a mod black-and-white chunky bangle, and plain black flats.

Because the length is ambiguous and leaning towards the short side, another way to wear it is to tuck it in under a pretty printed skirt. I got this tulip-shaped houndstooth skirt at The Landmark for a little over Php600. I especially love that you tie it in a dainty bow at the back, cinching in the waist according to preference. I choose to accessorize a look like this with a coordinating statement piece which somehow stands out but avoids being cumbersome to the overall effect.

I wanted to turn the spotlight on these black flats from Shubizz for a moment. These ballerina flats with detachable black bows held can be worn 3 ways: plain (look 1), bowfront (look 2) or attaching the bows to the back of the shoe. These flats are insanely comfy; I wear them everywhere, especially when I know I’ll be doing a lot of walking.

Happy Wednesday!

Picture credit: Leighton Meester feature from Red Carpet Fashion Awards
Dress: HnM
Leggings: SM Valenzuela
Flats: Shubizz
Houndstooth Skirt: The Landmark
Belt: SM Department Store
Bangle, Necklace: Presents from Friends

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