Awesome People I Work With: Jen

This is Jen from Finance. I was so tickled at the sight of the tips of her hair, which are a strong, vibrant green. Not a sight to see at the office everyday, but it’s a great complement to her swingy energy and her super bright smile.  Jen loves bright, cheerful colors, which she uses to brighten up basic pieces like her off-white tank top, gray blazer, and black pleated skirt.

I was so interested in all of her accessories that I asked to see each one up close. I adored her bright Lego watch, and I was very interested in her necklace, which is a tribute accessory made for the benefit of the Japan earthquake victims. Jen’s accessories really have a story.

I also loved Jen’s shoes, which match the yellow in her watch and really add a pop of color to her overall look.


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