July 19: Post-Vacay Workday

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love dresses and tops with higher necklines because they really let statement jewelry stand out.  This electric blue dress with a modern, fan-like bodice was made to be such a canvas. I love how the color is so pure and vibrant. I usually shy away from bright shades, but I have had this dress since my sophomore year at college and it’s never let me down. The fabric is heavy, buttery soft, and the belt it came with cinches in the waist without being obtrusive to the eye. This really lets any accessories pop.

I chose accessories like this floral necklace and stack of bangles, as well as gold flats from Zara, because they were a sparkly complement to the gorgeous blue.

A dress like this is very versatile. I like to switch it up sometimes with different colored belts, which totally changes the feel of each look. You can use a wide belt in a strong color like black or white for a no-nonsense work look, or layer on multiple thin belts in punchy neon colors for a fun look to go shopping with the girls.

Dress: The Ramp
Necklace: Accessorize
Flats: Zara
Bangles: The Ramp


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