Vacation Leave: La Union, Last Day

I’ve been saving this dress for our last day in La Union, to kind of fly off into the sunset in a flurry of bright colors and floaty skirt-shuffling.

This white halter wraparound dress with a rainbow floral print is the kind of garment that just screams summer fun. This actually belongs to my sister, who hasn’t touched this dress in years. I simply found it lying around a pile of clothing in storage. Oh the things we don’t know we have!

I wore it over my bright blue two-piece just in case we would be doing some last-minute swimming (we didn’t). The dress is cinched in at the waist by tying it at the back however tightly you wish, and it’s a great cover-up for the beach too. I love how the bright flowers pop so vibrantly against white, a perfect complement to a sunny day. My only beef with it is just that it doesn’t pack well into the suitcase. It’s Creasaholics Anonymous in there.

I chose not to accessorize at all. I just let my hair flow long and loose and let the dress, and the wind effect, do all the talking. Fren and I flew home at sunset, talking a little but sleeping most of the way. This vacation ended quietly for me, with a good friend by my side and the prospect of a great work week ahead.


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