Vacation Leave: La Union Day 2, Part 2

After a long day of surfing, Fren and I just wanted to loll around the hotel’s perfectly manicured garden. It is overlooked by the imposing Santorini-themed rooms and villas, and the property itself overlooks the private boardwalk and offers a view of the ocean. I loved sitting on the grass and watching the waves, which are extraordinarily strong here in La Union. Fren and I found ourselves not really wanting to do anything, really, but sit and chat about family, friends, and things we want in life. Sunset and the ocean seem to have that effect on you.

Post-surfing I chose this beautiful orange-and-purple spaghetti strap dress with a single floaty tier. This actually belonged to my sister, who hasn’t touched this dress for years and years. I found it crumpled-up at the back of her closet and knew instantly that it needed to be worn on a visit to the ocean, nearing sunset. The dress, with its mild tie-dye effect and floaty fabric, was simply made for a sunny, windy day. To catch the sunlight, as well as the warm orange in the dress, I accessorized only with a couple of gold bangles purchased on a trip to India in 2007.

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