Vacation Leave: La Union Day 2, Part 1

Today Fren and I crossed one thing off our bucket lists: SURFING!!! I kept my outfit as simple as possible, wearing this blue romper over my olive green bathing suit. The blue romper (link here) is another versatile piece that can be used as a beach cover-up or worn on its own on a relaxed weekend. Since we were going to get pummeled by waves, I made sure to pull my hair back in a neat ponytail. I also rented a rash guard that coincidentally matched my one-piece.

Fren and I took a quick lesson on how to stand up on the board–this “lesson” lasted for maybe five minutes before we started paddling out, gripping the boards for dear life as waves came incessantly over us in large blankets of water. Our instructors would steer the boards while we hung on, anticipating the waves, waiting for their cues to “STAND! STAND! STAND!”. I was finally able to ride my first wave about 45 minutes into the lesson, and this is one of the few pictures of me actually standing on the board. Note the look of panicked surprise and pure joy on my face, followed swiftly by a faceplant into the water.

A face-full of sand and saltwater never felt so good.


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