Vacation Leave: La Union Day 1

After some challenging weeks at work, my friend Fren and I are finally taking the trip that we had booked several months before! We are spending four days and three nights at Poro Point, La Union, for some lazy sunny days, surfing, and lounging by the pool doing nothing.  On Mondays-to-Fridays we corporate girls dress according to the office rules and rely on high heels and statement pieces to polish our look. Casual Fridays and weekends offer a bit more breathing room, but there’s nothing like a few days off to get me in vacation-mode and really have fun with the outfits. As this was to be only my second totally-grown-up vacation with work friends, I decided that I wanted to be very comfortable while still retaining a bit of polish. No more old t-shirts as beach cover-ups!

Fren and I set out on Friday afternoon (while working on Friday morning, natch!) to Poro Point via airplane, where a car met us and took us to our hotel. The resort has a very rocky beach that isn’t really suitable for swimming; it is awesome for photo ops though. There’s a gorgeous wall of rock leading a shore that is continually pummeled by famous La Union waves. When the sun hits the rocks just right, they turn a most beautiful shade of orangey brown.

For day 1, which included a very stressful propeller-plane ride, I chose a pair of high-waisted navy shorts with three gold buttons on either side of the waist. A simple white v-neck shirt, matching white shades, and simple flip-flops finish the nautical-themed look.

T-shirt: Giordano Ladies
Shorts: Greenhills Tiangge
Flip-flops: All Flip-flops, Havaianas 


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