July 14: Soldier On

I’m going on a 4-day vacation tomorrow to surftown La Union, so there’s a lot of things to finish at work, along with a major deliverable before I can jet off and relax. The ubiquitous little black dress was just the outfit to help get me through the day! The dress has a papery texture as the top portion drapes loosely over the shoulders then cascades down a fitted silhouette. The severe black color serves as a nice counterpoint to my bright purple Charles and Keith wedges, and the high neckline is a great canvas to make my Buckingham Palace guards necklace pop. I was inspired by the guards and how they move in uniform steps with the kind of focus and concentration I needed to channel today. A shiny, military-inspired black belt rounds out my “Disciplined Daisy” look.

Dress: The Landmark
Wedges: Charles and Keith
Bangles: The Ramp
Necklace: Yhansy from The Rockwell Bazaar
Belt: Rico Salandanan atThe Landmark


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