July 11: One Dress to Rule Them All, One Dress to Bind Them

I always feel like I need to put in a bit more effort to dress for work on Mondays because a case of the workweek blues always seems inevitable. When I got out of bed this morning, I felt a bit cranky and sluggish, so I knew I had to put on something that made me feel sharp and put-together.

Purchased in Singapore for 15SGD (around Php495), this beige-and-black color-block shift dress seems to have been created just for that purpose. Simple, understated, but still sophisticated, the dress features crisp black lines against creamy beige panels. It also fits like a glove.

I like to let a dress like this do all the talking, so I eschewed all accessories and opted for a simple pair of black pumps, tousled curls, and two layers of deep berry red lipstick. I don’t usually wear red lipstick to work at all, but this shade is just matte enough to be subtle while still adding an elegant polish to the overall look.

If your office has a “no-sleeveless” dress code, the dress still works beautifully with a black cardigan. The beige panels stand out all the more, and the effect is startlingly slimming.

Tip of the day: If a dress is quite fitted, I like to make sure that it’s still appropriate for work by checking that both the length and the neckline are still office-friendly. Specifically, the dress shouldn’t be higher than slightly above the knee, and no hint of cleavage should be visible.

Dress: A store in Singapore
Pumps: A bazaar


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