July 7: Mad Woman

After her move overseas, my oldest sister packed away all her old clothes in an old cabinet here at home. Last night, while digging through said wardrobe, I found a gorgeous black pencil skirt from circa 2001. The skirt had a bright blue lining, which stopped at the knee, and a gorgeous black lace overlay which ended just above the shin. I was instantly inspired by the 1950s Mad Men fashions, where pencil skirts were a closet staple in many working women’s wardrobes.

To avoid looking like a Mad Men extra, I updated the look by adding a gray form-fitting Zara sweater in this modern straight-cut. I love Joan Holloway’s gold pen necklace, so I chose a statement necklace of my own, a gift from Italy from my cousin Ken. The necklace’s round pendant has bits of  gold and silver swirling around in what appears to be black ink. I thought the effect was moody, hypnotic, and an appropriate counterpoint to the skirt’s round print near the hemline. Finally, I topped off the outfit with plain black pumps and a simple black patent belt to cinch in the waist like every 50s girl did in their time.

I felt so ladylike all day! Cheers to poodle skirts, ye olde soda shoppes, and skirt-and-sweater sets!

Pumps: A bazaar
Skirt: stolen from my sister
Sweater: Zara on sale
Necklace: A present
Belt: Rico Salandanan from The Landmark

Picture credit:

Black and white photo of Anne Francis from Film Noir Photos 

Photo of Joan Holloway from Mad Men taken from Vintage Lingerie Blog 


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