July 6: I Wear the Pants

A rainy Wednesday means that the office is going to be extra frigid, so today, not wanting to risk cold feet (literally), I decided to wear pants. I’m mostly a dresses-and-skirts girl, so I actually only have a single pair (yes, just one) of full-length office pants, and I do believe one is enough for me! Today I paired these slim-cut navy pants from Zara with this vintage pinstriped blazer, part of a suit jacket-and-skirt set from the 80s that used to belong to my mom. I simply rolled up the sleeves and scissored off the shoulder pads, which instantly updates the look. Note that the blazer is actually lined with black fabric, so the rolled-up effect is also modern.

I’m wearing a plain white v-neck t-shirt tucked in with a plain black belt, so to dress it up even more I wore this beautiful statement necklace I got from The Ramp a couple of years back. I love how the chains move as it hangs down. It even makes a barely audible (but cheerful) jingly sound.

I thought that all that white, silver and navy was a little one-note, so to perk up the outfit I added pops of pink, like this round ring, and this white bangle with pink elephants that I bought on a trip to India a few years ago. To round out the pink, I finished the look with raspberry wedges from Charles and Keith, my current footwear obsession. It’s enough to keep my cheery and warm for the day!

Blazer: Vintage, from Mom
T-shirt: Giordano
Pants: Zara
Wedges: Charles and Keith
Necklace: The Ramp
Bangle: purchased during a trip to India
Belt: Rico Salandanan at The Landmark
Ring: from a Hong Kong night market


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