Awesome People I Work With: Maple, Kit and Chey

Maple, Kit and Chey work in Trade Marketing, which ensures that brands have strong presence in stores like supermarkets, sari-sari stores, et cetera. I’ve always noticed the girls’ senses of style, which still retain each one’s individual tastes but are still collectively soft and feminine, with touches of lace, ruffles and delicate patterns.

Kit is wearing an office staple, the ubiquitous white shirt, but she paired hers with a beautiful mint-green lacy skirt from Plains and Prints and simple flats. I love how the studs in her shoes add a bit of edge to her feminine outfit, along with Kit’s unfussy hairstyle, which is relaxed but still put-together.

The color of Chey’s lightly ruffled blouse is my current obsession: peachy rose, of a shade that flatters her beautifully. Note the contrast between the feminine blouse and the military-inspired pair of pants cinched in with a tan belt, which she matched with comfy-looking brown sandals.

Maple is also wearing a pinkish blouse, but she paired hers with a black skirt that shows off an adorable print, and rounds out the outfit with gray flats. I love her long, long hair and pretty smile.


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