Awesome People I Work With: Geline and Cathy

Today’s pair of looks from Geline and Cathy is a study in contrasts. Geline, a brand manager working in the marketing department, is constantly in motion, always actively engaged in discussion. Cathy, a key accounts executive, is also on-the-go, so she must be comfortable even as she constantly presents herself to clients.

Today Geline favors bright primary colors, opting to highlight the blue in her striped blazer and her electric blue flats. Her bright red tank top and matching bands on her wrist add more pops of color. Slim black pants are a great foil to her rainbow ensemble.

On the flip side, Cathy opted for a classic LBsD (Little Black Shift Dress), complemented by a simple pearl necklace, matching earrings, and a timeless watch. Her black Nine West peep-toe flats with dainty ankle straps finish the look, along with her radiant smile and flawless eye make up.


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