June Week 4: Tailored old as time

For some of this week, I was inspired by beautiful pieces I found among my sisters’ and mother’s old things. I wanted to update the looks so that they wouldn’t look out of place in 2011, but I also wanted to retain lovely elements that had aged well, like pointy collars, bright, happy colors, and pinstripes.

Monday. This used to belong to my eldest sister, and I remember her wearing this in my grade school days in the mid-nineties. I always thought it was so glamorous. I’m glad that the color hasn’t faded too much over the years. To beat the Monday blues, I added some more fun elements like this punchy pink belt, leopard bangle, and matching leopard print flats. Hooray for will-yourself-to-be-happy Mondays!

Wednesday. This blazer was my mom’s from the late eighties–I believe it is as old, if not older, than me. It came with a matching skirt (link) which I’ve also pirated for myself, as well as shoulder pads. I simply took a pair of scissors to the shoulder pads, rolled up the sleeves, and was really pleased with the result: a perfectly modern could-have-bought-it-from-Topshop blazer. I mixed the matte pinstripe print with another print in the same color family. Note the cute detailing on the waistband of the skirt, a Php300 purchase from the Landmark. Instead of heels, I paired this look with black patent gladiator sandals for a more laid-back finish. For pops of color, I finished with a turquoise ring and a large black and white bangle.

Thursday. The label on this dress, which used to belong to my other sister, says “Herbench”, but it is definitely from the early-to-mid-nineties. After a quick Google, I learned that Bench celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2007. I am really loving its fitted bodice and jaunty collar, as well as the (sneakily slimming) diagonal pattern of cornflower florals. Mixing the vintage with new, I threw on my favorite Zara cardigan and brand-spanking-new espadrilles I got from Greenhills tiangge last weekend. Eiffel Tower earrings, purchased from a little store in Paris last year, complete the look.

The rest of the week, I opted for fun looks with memorable accessories.

Tuesday. I was going for basics with a touch of whimsy. I paired this basic white HnM top with a blue-and-white polka-dotted skirt from the Girls’ Teens department store at SM, which set me back about Ph400. I only added a simple bracelet to the look because I wanted the focus to be on my current favorite, this gate-guarder necklace purchased from the Rockwell Bazaar last month.

Friday. I love the fact that I get to wear jeans on Friday, so jeans it is, paired with a simple white Giordano ladies’ v-neck (who can resist crisp white t-shirts?). I wanted the focus to be on the tan accessories–the Zara belt, cheerfully jingly necklace from HnM, and these wicked heels snagged from a People are People sale eons ago.

Tip of the Week: There are treasures to be had from the Girls’ Teens department at various department store giants. Most of the items are a little too over-the-top for a twenty-something corporate girl, and the sizing is more challenging given that teens in general are likely to be slighter than adults, but it’s still a great resource for some unexpected finds at teen-friendly prices.


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