Tips and Tricks for Things: Trinket Tray

Continuing my series on using affordable kitchen/home products to organize accessories and cosmetics to maximize your wardrobe and shopping needs, here’s one idea on how to attractively display small trinkets and rings without having to purchase an overpriced jewelry box or tray.

This beautiful jewelry box from Modcloth (buy here for $31.99), for example, is too gorgeous for words–but it will also burn a gorgeous hole in your pocket.  Keep Reading

People and Friends I Still Can Recall: Anne

At the restaurant opening I attended last weekend, I ran into my good friend Anne Lagamayo, a fresh graduate from UP and a Palanca-winning fictionist. Anne has traveled around Europe and speaks Italian and French, and once won a scholarship by entering herself, her grandmother, and a giant Siberian husky in a costume contest as Red Riding Hood, Grandma, and the Wolf (in that order). Anne is one of the coolest people I know.

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Weekends: July 30, 2011

This weekend, I attended the opening of Moshi Moshi along Katipunan, right across from my alma mater. A modern Japanese fast food joint, Moshi Moshi is the baby of my good friend Jessica, whom I’ve known since we were nine years old, and it was great to see her and my old schoolmates again.

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July 28: A-Working, A-twirling

I knew it would be a very busy day at work today, so it was very important that I be as comfortable as possible.

The 5 Rules of Cubicle comfort: 

1. Legs must have room to stretch out, cross, flex, et cetera, as needed.
2. Arms must be able to stretch as wide as possible without revealing any belly
3. Should not have large, noisy, jewelry getting in the way of typing some Very Important Calculations
4. Footwear must support several trips to the pantry for giant coffee refills, subsequent bathroom breaks, and important meetings all over the office.
5. Must be snug and warm to avoid office-hypothermia from merciless air-conditioning.

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July 26: Berried Alive

I’m a little bit cold-blooded in the sense that my mood is often changes depending on the environment. So, with news of an impending storm, I decided to arm myself against sad, Death Cab for Cutie-level angsty weather and wear something that would put me in a good mood.  Keep Reading

Tips and Tricks for Things: Makeshift Make-up Kit

A while back I wrote about using kitchen hooks as necklace holders, but the hooks aren’t the only kitchen/home tools that could belong in your closet.

One thing I’ve always had trouble with is organiziing my small make-up collection. I used to dump everything in one of my bathroom drawers, but this is inefficient and impractical. Choosing one eye pencil, for instance, meant wading through lip liners, mascaras, lipsticks, and the occasional actual pencil, and took forever.

I solved this problem by purchasing in this wooden utensil holder with a lock and clear cover, from the houseware department at the Landmark for about 200 pesos. Keep Reading

Weekend: July 23, 2011

Since weekends are rare (only two out of seven days a week!), by the time Saturday rolls around I am usually raring to break out my favorite bright minis, flat/open-toed sandals, and crazy giant jewelry. Since today was rainy, however, all I wanted to do was be comfortable and have a nice (warm) time at the movies.

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