Skirt at Stake

All love affairs with fashion must come to an end. Some, like those with the ubiquitous little black dress, can last for years until it dies a peaceful death, having been worn one too many times. Others, like a lot of things with shoulder pads, sadly end with a “what was I thinking” moment.

Sometimes, though, some pieces can be saved by just a trip to the tailor. Observe:

Context: I was drawn to the texture of the sheer overlay of this dress (top left). I had initially envisioned this to be something Taylor Swift would wear, easily dressed up with dainty heels or dressed down with tights, a cardigan, and cute flats. The fit on the bustline, however, was disastrous due to the unflattering lump of bunched-up fabric in that area.

Action: I had the nearby barangay tailor shear off the entire top half of the dress to make a skirt. I like that the tailor removed the bodice but retained about 2 inches of it to serve as a waistband for the skirt, which is now flouncy and free to be as versatile as it can be. See my ideas for different ways to wear this skirt here (link).

Result: A very versatile skirt which can be worn anywhere!

Update: Click here to see my ideas on multiple ways to wear this garment. 

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