About Rinse, Wear, Repeat

I’m a proud Outfit Repeater on her first corporate job post-college,documenting the working life outfit by outfit. The consummate EveryShopper, I love clothes, follow style blogs, and window-shop like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s equally important for me to spend within my means. Yes to Sustainable Shopping!

At the same time, Rinse, Wear, Repeat is also about my style inspirations, drawing from well beyond the office–a happy little poem about daffodilsa moody Impressionist painting, a beloved children’s book heroine. It’s also about family, friends, and acquaintances with whom I’ve shared everything from the briefest introduction to the most vivid, cherished experiences. Some of these can be distilled down to visceral sartorial memories, like the sandy texture of an heirloom brooch or the familiar print on a dress that belonged to someone beloved. So many things trigger so many memories. Most times they show up in my outfits.

Rinse, Wear, Repeat is my own little Practicality Blog, where I document my discoveries on trends, shopping on a modest budget, tips and tricks to save, and office style, while staying true to my personal aesthetic and penchant for nostalgia and romance. Each piece of clothing purchased, borrowed, or inherited, is part of the larger story told in myriad combinations.

Nothing left to do then, but rinse and wear again. Rinse, and wear again. Rinse and wear, again.

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